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Bountiful adventures in Brighton.

Recently I decided to take a trip to Brighton with my friends, to go and see a ska/reggae band called Slightly Stoopid . Being in Brighton, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to take some photos of the beach , and the piers, in order to try and create some visually stimulating pictures.

I only had a 10 mega pixel camera on me at the time, so the photos are not of the highest quality.

Below is a picture of the old pier that was burnt down in Brighton several years ago.

Old Brighton Pier

In conjunction with this picture of the old pier, I also took one of the new pier, showing the contrast between the old and new piers.

New Brighton Pier

In conjunction with some scenic photos, i also decided to play around with the camera, and try to test out its short range focus.

Brighton Views.

This image helps to show the contrast between the sea and the sky, however on a much sunnier day the reflection off of the sea would have helped to create more outstanding photos.

Whilst in Brighton, I also came across a man tight-rope walking whilst playing the violin, and had to snap up a picture of him!

Tight-rope walking, Violin playing man.

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By Robert Boyton