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Life Stories with Christopher Sebastian Laver

Christopher Sebastian Laver, also known as; Lave/Laver, is a man regularly spotted around the Bournemouth coastline.

Laver is currently studying Communication and Media at Bournemouth University, and is currently in his second year.

Q: So Laver, hows this year coming on at University?

A: Saaafe Bruvvva!! Yeah its not going bad actually, I’ve managed to pass the majority of units this year, and at the moment I seem to picking up some quite good grades, so I’m very content with University at the moment.

Q: That’s good to hear. So was/is Bournemouth the place for you?

A: Definitely. I love Bournemouth. I was born and raised in Reading, which isn’t the nicest, with places like cemetery junction you never know what’s going to happen. I do love Reading though, there are some absolutely epic parts about it, including the Purple Turtle, my favourite bar in Reading.

Q: So what music are you into these days Laver? I’ve recently heard that you’ve started listening to a lot more R and B?

A: I’ve always been a punk man myself, and love bands such as Rancid and NOFX. Recently I’ve been listening to the likes of Usher and Ne-yo though, because I just love the smooth sounding rhythm that they produce, its much more classic than the sounds of Rancid, whose heavy drum bashing and bass playing has recently started to hurt my ears.

Q: That’s a shame. I didn’t think I would ever hear you say that. Westlife tickets are about to go on sale in 4 days, are you thinking of buying one?

A: YES! Im already on the reserve list, can’t wait to go and see them live. They are my favourite band, they’re all so good looking!

Laver has his own blog, which can be found here.

By Robert Boyton