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Critique of TimesOnline.Com

The Times Online website has many different functions that allow it to be a successful website:

  • Searchability – How easy is the website to find in a search engine?

The Times Online website has a high searchability, appearing at the top on the majority of search engines.

When Times is entered into most search engines, the Times Online website is the first one to appear at the top, hence showing the website has a high level of searchability.

  • Usability – Is it technically stable and are items quick to upload?

Times Online is a very stable website with all links loading correctly and efficiently, giving the website a high level of usability.

  • Navigation – Is the site easy to get around and full of useful links?

Most images allow the user to follow links to other pages and similar stories, and in collaboration with the clear headings and search bar, the Times Online website is very easy to navigate.

  • Design – How effective is the design of the website?

Times online is a well designed website, using the green/black/white colour scheme to make the website more eye catching and interesting.

  • Content – Is there a good selection of well-written stories, well signposted and using appropriate material?

The Times online website has a massive selection of well written stories, because of the fact that it is written by professional journalists.

There are a huge amount of current affairs articles, and many more niche topics that users are able to find and read about. The large amount of stories allows the user to choose what they wich to read with relative easiness.

  • Video and Audio – How is it used on the website?

The times online website has many videos that can be accessed through the website. The videos range from mass appeal videos about recent news, to more niche videos that people have made and uploaded to the times website.

The video and audio streaming capabilities on  the website, are very high, with high definition being an option for those with higher speed broadband, demonstrating how the Times Online website is technically up to date.

  • Interactivity – Can the user take part in polls, forums and comments?

The user is able to show their opinion of issues in the world on the times online website to a high degree. The times online website, contains a blogging section that allows for users to submit their own stories and leave their own comments on news articles throughout the website. In conjunction with this, there are also polls and forums that allow for the user to express their opinions quickly and succinctly. This allows for the user to develop their own user generated content, which will ensure that they can express their opinions on the website.

  • Overall

The Times online website is able to provide a smooth link form newspaper to internet, without creating hassle for the public. The website allows the user to be able to research news story lines in greater depth, as well as to explore them and provide their own feedback on stories and opinions of others.

By Rob Boyton